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  • NEBBIA Baseball Jacket 686
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  • NEBBIA Baseball Jacket 686
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  • NEBBIA Baseball Jacket 686
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NEBBIA Baseball Jacket 686

Sporty looking trendy piece for your spare time. That’s exactly what this baseball team jacket look-alike is! We are sure you will love this one! ☺

Fitness meets fashion collection brings a clear message. We designed clothes that are a perfect combination of sport with the latest trends in fashion. Pieces are feminine, sexy and they are perfect for training but also for a casual day or even a party. Trendy colors, soft and flexible materials and precise details. These are the main features of the new collection.

Fastening jacket with contrasting sleeves is made of soft cotton material where the upper part is black made of the extra soft material similar to velvet and the inner part is soft and grey.

The loose relaxed cut and the softness of the material will guarantee a maximum comfort while wearing. The jacket has beautiful details in the form of lampas stripes from the inner part of the fastening and sleeves which look good even folded. There is a NEBBIA embroidery in the back. The iron button fastening is also on the sleeves. Combine it with sporty leggings or wear it even to a short skirt! This piece is simply universal and you will look adorable and girly every time! :)



    • Soft and comfortable material
    • Iron button fastening
    • Contrasting sewing
    • Soft combed material similar to velvet combined with a smooth material on sleeves
    • NEBBIA embroidery on the back
    • NEBBIA lampas stripe in the inner part of the fastening and sleeves
    • Material: 100% cotton
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    • $169.00

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